San Diego Wildfire Details

  • The total estimated cost of the wildfires: $1.339 billion
  • The total estimated burned area: 247,800 acres
  • The cause of the fire was determined to be downed electric power lines
  • Evacuation of over 500,000 people (at the time the largest mass evacuation in California history)
  • Total buildings destroyed: (1,265 residential structures, 587 outbuildings)


Lawsuit Details

There were many lawsuits filed over the 2007 San Diego Wildfires.

Spreter & Petiprin Law Firm
Over 300 individuals, families, and businesses were represented by Spreter & Petiprin Law against SDG&E. The firm served as a court-appointed discovery coordinator. Over $55,000,000 worth of settlements were collected by Spreter & Petiprin Law.

The Richards Law Firm represented dozens of fire victims resulting in an unpublished amount collected.

Lawsuits Settled

The last of the lawsuits were settled in 2014. The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the final few suits ended without details of the settlement. San Diego Gas & Electric settled but the details of the deal aren’t being made public.

SDG&E's Appeal is Denied

In 2018, according to The San Diego Union Tribune, The San Diego Gas & Electric company appealed which would allow the company to pass on $379M in losses due to lawsuits to customers. In 2019, the L.A. Times reported that the courts denied the appeal.