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Saddleridge Fire Cause Under Investigation

Saddleridge Fire Cause Under Investigation

Do we know if SCE is responsible for the Saddleridge Fire? Could it be a SCE power line that ignited another California fire causing massive evacuations and the the loss of homes? The Saddleridge Fire cause is under investigation. This LA Times article seems to imply that this is the case.

The Start of the Saddleridge Fire is Under Investigation

A Sylmar resident on October 10, 2019, noticed a small fire at the bottom of transmission tower by his home. The resident said the fire spread due to high winds. 

SCE Has a History of Starting Fires

In the past 25 years, SCE has started or contributed to more than ten major wildfires. These fires include the Thomas Fire, Mill Creek Fire, Big Creek Forest Fire, Malibu Canyon Fire, Riverside County Fire, Stearns Warf Fire, San Bernardino National Forest Fire, and the Roadrunner Fire. Currently two new fire are under investigation and SCE is under attack. Both the Woolsey Fire and the Saddleridge Fire were allegedly caused by SCE power line issues. Even the US Government has sued SCE for allegedly causing the 2016 Rey Fire.